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Krete products all use the same award winning and proven formula providing exceptional durability and longevity. This adds up to a "fit and forget" maintenance system suitable for flat roofs, green roofs, balconies/terraces,  walls, air-tight barriers, basements, and earth shelter buildings.

Krete products all have exceptionally low embodied energy numbers when compared to all the alternative petrochemical based roofing/ waterproofing materials –like single ply PVC, single ply TPO, bitumen membranes, mastic asphalt and all liquid plastic waterproofing systems. Lower embodied energy means better sustainability. The product with the longest life/most durable is also the most sustainable.

European University College Brussels (EHSAL) have just completed a comparison report on the sustainability of major European waterproofing membranes including single ply PVC, single ply TPO, bitumen, mastic asphalt, and liquid waterproofing systems.

The report highlights the importance of "embodied energy " and "transport embodied energy " and durability/ long life.
The report is now available on Google Documents via this link:


Krete Summary:

  • 8mm thin flexible polymer concrete membrane reinforced with either 3 or 4 layers of galvanised mesh
  • Simple to apply - just add water to the Krete mixture and trowel apply the Krete screed into the mesh layers
  • Totally waterproof for the life of the building
  • Life span in excess of 50 years
  • Sustainable and recyclable
  • Has undergone rigorous laboratory testing 
  • Maintenance free - ‘fit and forget’
  • Seamless system eradicates movement joints
  • Total encapsulation of roof, walls and upstands
  • Fireproof during application and for life
  • Secure - cannot be broken into quietly
  • Puncture proof - can be safely walked on with stiletto heels
  • No over tiling required on balconies and terraces
  • Perfect for green roofs - no root barriers required
  • Can be used for water storage tanks - inert runoff
  • No fixing penetrations required - self contained
  • Cost competitive with all existing short life systems
  • Total waterproofing system for walls and basements
  • Award winning system - Architects' Journal Award 2000, Millennium / Design Council Award and Eco House Award 2009
  • 20 year insurance backed guarantee and 10 years extra company-backed guarantee = 30 year guarantee!


  • Installed by approved contractors
  • Full surveys, pathology and chartered surveying service
  • Hand holding and project management
  • Partnering for future development